A Simple Strategy To Last Longer In The Bedroom

A Simple Strategy To Last Longer In The Bedroom

Lasting for as long as you can in bed is definitely one of your priorities whenever you and your lover are getting frisky.

Besides ensuring that you’ll give your partner an experience she won’t forget anytime soon, lasting long during lovemaking also helps you get as much sexual pleasure while at it.

However, there is one thing that a lot of self-proclaimed “sex gurus” say these days that really disappoints me. And this is claiming that guys are going to be vulnerable to premature ejaculation when they reach a certain age.

Now while I agree that a man’s sexual abilities can experience a few slight changes here and there as he grows older, this doesn’t mean that he is already prone to premature ejaculation when he reaches a certain age.

In fact, the body can easily adjust to these changes and will get right back on track before you know it!

But the thing is that there will be times when you unexpectedly find yourself coming too quickly during sex. It could be because you’re too anxious to give your partner the sexual satisfaction she needs or perhaps you worry too much that your erection is not going to be as rock hard than usual.

At its simplest, premature ejaculation is pretty much a natural problem. And if you notice that you seem to be coming too quickly each time you and your lover are at it these days, I have just the natural solution to help you fix it.

Let me explain what I mean…

See, the brain plays a very important role in your sexual arousal. It is basically the one overseeing the whole thing. Besides activating all the necessary glands and organs to prep you up for lovemaking, the brain is also the one “shifting gears” in terms of how sexually aroused you are at a certain time.

And when the brain thinks that you’ve already reached your sexual peak, it stimulates your body’s ejaculatory response and you’ll come soon after.

Interestingly, there is a simple and natural trick you can do to keep your brain from stimulating your body’s ejaculatory response before you’ve really pleasured your lover in the bedroom. You simply have to make your brain think that your sexual arousal is just starting to get in gear to prevent premature ejaculation.

One way to do it is alternating the times you sexually penetrate your lover and doing other techniques that give her pleasure in bed, like going down on your partner or stimulating her erogenous zones. Say you thrust for five whole minutes and tease her clitoris the next five.

There are countless variations on how you can do this, too.

This basically creates a break in your sexual arousal and makes the brain think that it needs to take things down a notch, which simply means you won’t be prematurely ejaculating anytime soon.

And what’s really nice about this is you can repeat this process over and over, making it really easy to give your partner one orgasm after another.

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