Are You Preventing Her From Reaching The Big O Because Of This?

Are You Preventing Her From Reaching The Big O Because Of This?

I’m pretty sure that making your lover reach the Big O is on top of your sexual checklist each time things get hot in the bedroom.

Now while you are already very familiar with the things that really take your partner’s sexual pleasure off the charts, you’re just noticing that it’s getting tougher and tougher to make her achieve orgasm these days.

Back in the day, you simply used to stimulate this and pleasure that to give your lover an orgasm. Now, you’re already pulling all the stops and she’s still not that sexually charged to reach the point of no return.

I know this is a bit frustrating for you, but it doesn’t mean that you’re already losing your touch when it comes to giving your partner an amazing time in bed. There’s a big chance that you’re just making a simple mistake that is causing all this.

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At its simplest, there are a lot of things going on inside a woman’s body when she’s sexually aroused. Her brain gets into overdrive. Her skin becomes extra sensitive. Her heart and breathing rates spike up like crazy. Her erogenous zones are activated.

And that’s not even the half of it.

What’s really interesting about your lover’s sexual arousal is that her body is naturally wired to set off key changes whenever you two are at it. As soon as things get hot in the bedroom, every part of her anatomy has a specific role to play to make her ready for sex.

However, it’s not all the physical parts of the body that are fired up when a woman is sexually aroused. Her mind is also stimulated to do its thing to help make sure that she’s going to have an amazing time while the action is going on.

This is the reason why stimulating her mind is as important as pleasuring her erogenous zones during foreplay or sex. Interestingly, the mind is very impressionable during sexual arousal and it can easily affect a woman’s satisfaction in bed if you say and ask the wrong things.

Examples of the most horrible things to say and ask in the middle of lovemaking are subtly negative things like “I think you’re not enjoying the whole thing” or perhaps “Are you having trouble getting an orgasm?”

I know they don’t sound that bad, but they surprisingly have a big effect on how your partner is enjoying your sex session and her chances of reaching the Big O during lovemaking. This is because your lover’s mind translates these statements as verbal suggestions.

And as the term implies, they suggest the mind to embrace something even if it isn’t true. So if you’re asking your lover in the middle of sex if “she doesn’t like it,” chances are her sexual pleasure levels will significantly drop even though she really loves the experience.

When that happens, there’s going to be a chance that she will find it really difficult to have an orgasm.

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