A Dating Mistake You Should Always Keep Clear Of

A Dating Mistake You Should Always Keep Clear Of

While checking out my inbox this morning, I chanced upon a message from a long-time AdviceForHim.com reader who asked to remain anonymous.

He asks why he doesn’t seem to score a second date with a woman even though he makes sure to pull all the stops during the first one. Besides picking the most luxurious venue that he can go for, he also shares that he takes things up a notch by giving the woman he’s out with a nice gift afterward to really make a good impression.

I think I already know what the problem with the sender’s dating strategy is and I’m sure you will want to follow along to boost your chances of easily convincing a woman you’re out with to go on a second date with you. I’m also going to share a simple trick that you’ll find useful when you follow along.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’d like a first date to be as grand as possible to really make the woman you’re out with to feel that you want to make the whole thing an unforgettable experience for her.

You want the venue to be chic, the food to be fantastic and all the other details of your date superb to really hit their mark. However, I learned something during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just urge you to change this dating mindset.

See, now while there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of pizazz to your dating checklist when going out for the first time with a woman, overdoing it can have a negative effect to your date. This is because even though your intentions are good, she is simply going to feel that you’re trying to buy her affection.

And something happens inside her body the moment she feels this way.

Her brain immediately stimulates the endocrine glands to produce and release stress hormones that set off key changes in her system. Besides raising her anxiety levels, these hormones also make her feel impatient and rather aloof.

Chances are you will find it tricky to make a connection with her when this happens. There’s also the possibility that she’s going to think that she’d rather be somewhere else than be with you, which is definitely going to make things even more difficult to ace your date.

And now for the trick I told you about earlier…

The next time you’re planning a first date, keep in mind to ask the woman you’re going out with where her usual hangout is.

Besides giving her the notion that you’re not trying to buy her affection in any way, having a date in a place where she’s really comfortable in also makes it easier to make a connection with her while at it.

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