Your Erections Are At Risk If You Do This Regularly

Your Erections Are At Risk If You Do This Regularly

While hanging out at the local bar last weekend, a fellow patron jokingly asked if indulging in too much potato chips can have an effect on his performance in the bedroom. I know this sounds crazy right now, but the answer is yes. Let me explain what I mean…

See, everything that happens during sexual arousal is the result of a sudden stream of feel-good hormones that are released by the endocrine glands.

Your skin, especially in and around the erogenous zones, become extra sensitive, your heart and breathing rates shoot up almost immediately and a more than usual amount of blood is directed to the pelvic region.

Most of this blood is absorbed by the spongy erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up. As soon as these tissues get all the blood they need, you’re going to get rock hard and stay that way until you reach the Big O.

However, something else happens when you eat too much potato chips. And this is putting yourself at risk of not getting as hard as you normally do or perhaps failing to get an erection at all.

Sure this sounds quite surprising, but you’ll definitely keep an eye on your potato chip consumption when you follow along…

As it turns out, potato chips are simply loaded with salt and fat, which can set off a health problem that can disrupt the normal flow of blood to the pelvic region during sexual arousal. This health problem is called hypertension, which is characterized as having rather high blood pressure levels.

Besides making the channels where blood courses through like blood vessels, veins and arteries lose their natural elasticity sooner or later, hypertension can also prevent the heart from ideally pumping as much blood as it should.

This simply means that it’s either your erections won’t be that hard or perhaps you’ll have a case of the softie syndrome even when you and your lover are already in the middle of a sizzling foreplay session.

And what makes the whole thing even scarier is this can also lead to serious cardiovascular health issues like stroke and heart attack  in the long run.

Just to make things clear though, I’m not saying that you should stop eating potato chips for good. I am just emphasizing that consuming it moderately is the way to go if you’re looking to maintain the power and intensity of your erections each time things get hot in bed.

(Here’s what you need to load up more on to keep clear from hypertension though.)

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