A Foreplay Technique That Will Drive Her Wild

A Foreplay Technique That Will Drive Her Wild

So here’s the situation…

You are trying to warm up your lover for action in the bedroom when you’re noticing that she’s not getting as pumped up like she used to.

And this is even when you’re already putting on your A-game during foreplay. Now while this may be rather frustrating for you, this doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch when it comes to heating up your partner in bed.

You simply have to jazz up your foreplay checklist with a simple technique that I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology…

However, before I reveal this to you, let me give you a quick rundown on what happens inside your lover’s body when you work your foreplay magic on her to help you understand the whole thing better.

See, as soon as your partner’s brain detects that you’re trying to prep her up for lovemaking by stimulating her erogenous zones, it immediately fires up the endocrine system to let loose feel-good hormones, which trigger key changes in her system almost immediately.

Besides making your lover’s skin extra sensitive, especially in and around her nipples, inner thighs, clitoris and vagina, these hormones also direct a more than usual amount of blood to her pelvic region to make her sufficiently wet down there by the time you sexually penetrate her.

The more feel-good hormones your partner’s body produces during foreplay, the more pleasurable the experience will become for her. And just to make things even more awesome, it also boosts your chances of making her reach the Big O as you go along with your sex session.

So your lover simply has to amp up the amount of these hormones in her body to pull it off, right? Well, the answer to that is yes, but doing so isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Unless her brain is convinced to pump out more, chances are her body won’t be producing extra feel-good hormones anytime soon. But what if I told you that I discovered a simple trick that may just raise your chances of doing this?

Make sure you follow along…

As it turns out, saying kinky things during foreplay can encourage the brain into churning out more feel-good hormones. This is because it considers physical and mental stimulation as two separate things.

This simply means you can work your magic on your lover’s erogenous zones (here are a few things you should keep in mind during the action, too) while saying sexy stuff simultaneously at the same time.

And she’s going to experience twice the amount of pleasure while at it. Now how’s that for two for two?



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