How To Make Your Erections Strong Again

How To Make Your Erections Strong Again

So you’re noticing that your erections are not as strong as they used to when you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom these days…

Now while the thought of watching your ability to get rock hard fizzle out can make you feel rather anxious, I discovered a simple yet very interesting way to bring them back to their former glory while checking out a new medical journal at the local library over the weekend.

And you’ll find this one quite interesting as well when you read on.

However, let me first give you a quick rundown on what happens inside your body when you and your partner are starting to heat things in bed to help you understand the whole thing better as we go along…

See, the brain stimulates the endocrine glands to let loose feel-good hormones as soon as it detects that you and your lover are already at it in the bedroom. These hormones basically set off key changes in your body that help you prep up for sex.

Besides increasing your heart and breathing rate, these feel-good hormones also direct a more than usual amount of blood to your pelvic region, where most of it is absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up. An erection is achieved when these erectile tissues get all the blood they need.

At its simplest, getting a strong erection basically involves three significant factors, namely the release of feel-good hormones, a more than usual amount of blood flow to the pelvic region and responsive blood channels that direct blood to where it is supposed to go.

And now for the really interesting stuff I discovered…

You may probably already know that having a bite of chili peppers can give you a burning sensation in the mouth due to capsaicin, a unique compound that it contains. However, did you have an idea that capsaicin also has another effect to the body when consumed?

As it turns out, this compound not just helps expand channels where blood courses through like blood vessels, arteries and veins when it is ingested in the system, but also stimulates an almost instantaneous spike in blood flow during the same.

This explains the warm sensation that you feel when you eat a chili pepper straight up or perhaps munch on a dish that’s laced with these fiery treats. What’s even more interesting is capsaicin also has the ability to bring back the natural elasticity of the blood channels when consumed regularly. How’s that for two for two?

So if you’re feeling that your erections are not as strong as they used to, make it a point to integrate chili peppers in your regular diet and you’ll sure be surprised with the results.

(Here’s why you need to load up on oatmeal to help keep your erections as strong as ever as well.)

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