A Dating Mistake That Will Surely Repel The Woman You're Out With

A Dating Mistake That Will Surely Repel The Woman You’re Out With

While hanging out at the local watering hole the other day, I was asked by a patron if I could give a really simple pointer that could help him boost his chances of acing a first date. And I happily obliged…

See, I’ve learned a very interesting thing during my extensive research into the female psychology.

As it turns out, women have a different perspective on dating compared to men. Now while guys generally tend to view dates as a stepping stone to establish a romantic connection, women simply consider them as a fun and friendly event to know a man better.

So they will naturally feel a bit creeped out if you take the whole thing seriously the first time around. And one of the things that will easily repel the woman you’re out with is giving her the notion that she’s on a job interview instead of a date.

Although engaging a woman in a meaningful conversation during a date is a key factor to make it successful, talking about your job, social status or perhaps the stuff you’re quite knowledgeable about isn’t going to cut it.

(Keep in mind that listening intently to your date as well as putting off texting and posting status updates should also be on your checklist as well while at it.)

Sure selling yourself to your date may sound like a nice strategy to make her like you, but the chances that it’s going to work are going to be very small since she won’t be able to relate with you as you go along.

Besides feeling rather bored, your date’s brain will start churning out stress hormones, which will just make her feel impatient and anxious sooner or later. And you sure won’t ace a date if she ends up feeling that way, would you?

Women are basically more interested in trivial things when having a conversation during a date. They are more drawn to hear about what your favorite book or movie is instead of the technical stuff you do at your workplace.

Believe me, she won’t be that amazed when you tell her about the really complicated computer program you’ve recently mastered.

Moreover, she’s going to be more stimulated to join the conversation if you share simple stuff about you like the name of your first pet or perhaps the places you’d like to visit someday. Although this may sound a bit simplistic, it’s a tried and proven strategy.

So the next time you’re on a date, make sure you keep things simple when you start talking and you’ll be on the right track.

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