A First Date Pointer You Should Always Keep In Mind

A First Date Pointer You Should Always Keep In Mind

I learned a very interesting thing while checking out a new psychology journal at the local library the other day and you’d definitely want to follow along if you’re looking to boost your chances of acing your next first date.

According to a study conducted by the Italy-based V. Nevio Istituto di Psicologia e Comportamento, there is a mistake a lot of guys seem to overlook when they are engaging a woman in a conversation during a first date. And this is unconsciously leading the discussion about commitment.

I know this sounds rather surprising right now, but you’ll find out more as we go along…

Let me get this straight before we go on any further. Depending on how you play your cards on a first date, it can be either a stepping stone to a romantic relationship or perhaps a one-time thing.

Sure you may already know a few essential dating pointers like keeping a close eye on your grooming as well as remembering to stash away your mobile phone while at it, but women find it very annoying (not mentioning creepy) when the guys they are out with are discussing commitment on a first date.

Based on the data gathered by researchers, women see first dates more of a fun experience than something serious.

They think of going out with a man as a more intimate way of getting to know him better, but not as something romantic in nature. Like I’ve emphasized earlier, they will only take the possibility of getting romance in the picture up a notch if they get dazzled by a guy during the date.

However, a lot of men have a different mindset when it comes to first dates.

They think that a woman already likes them in a romantic way just because they agreed to go out on a date. Most guys believe they only have to exert a little more effort to pull off the job when establishing a romantic relationship with the women they’re out with is concerned.

And this factor significantly raises their chances of unconsciously giving hints to commitment when they’re exchanging ideas like “the future” or what it’s like to “go exclusive,” which can easily spoil a first date no matter how great it’s going.

Interestingly, the researchers even shared that some women even jotted down in their study notes that there were guys they went on a date with that were already discussing marriage and how many children they were planning to have.

How’s that for ruining the mood for the entire date?

Now while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with boosting the romance in the long run when you’ve already gone on a number of dates with a woman, doing it too early, particularly on a first date, will only make you look creepy and desperate to her.

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