One Very Big Mental Benefit Of Masturbation

One Very Big Mental Benefit Of Masturbation

While researching for material that I am compiling for a new lovemaking guide I’m planning to release this year, I came across a very interesting tidbit that may just change your perspective on masturbation.

Although making it a habit to rub one out when you’re sexually aroused may be looked upon as taboo up until now, I discovered that masturbation is more than just stimulating yourself to experience sexual pleasure and achieve orgasm while you’re alone.

See, besides helping improve your performance in bed as well as upping the ante on reproductive function, masturbating regularly may just be a key factor when it comes to boosting your overall mental well-being.

I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’re sure to find out more when you follow along…

If you’ve been following for quite some time, you probably stumbled upon my post on how masturbation can prevent the deterioration of erectile tissues in the later years.

This is because the tissues that make the penis erect and the ones that you can find in the stomach, shoulders, legs and arms are very similar in composition. They share almost the same genetic makeup and can eventually become weak and saggy in the long run if not “worked out” in some way.

See how masturbation gets in the picture? Well, here’s another surprising thing about tickling your pickle when you feel rather frisky and your lover isn’t around to get things hot in the bedroom with you…

According to a study conducted by neuroscientists in Denmark, there is definitive proof that regular masturbation can actually help stabilize the ideal levels of oxytocin in the body without having any adverse effects at all.

(Save for potential prickles and blisters on your member if you’re not using enough lube when you do the deed.)

Oxytocin is basically a type of feel-good hormone that gets released by the endocrine glands when the body goes through pleasurable experiences. Examples of these experiences are having a bite of a chocolate bar or your favorite comfort food, watching a nice movie as well as doing something that makes you feel nostalgic.

When the oxytocin levels in your system continuously dip down, you’re not just going to feel under the sun more often than usual, but your chances of experiencing a bout of depression will also shoot up sooner or later.

Now while the oxytocin your endocrine glands can churn out when you go through pleasurable experiences may vary depending on your mood on that specific moment, scientists found out that the levels released during masturbation are not just constant, but off the charts as well.

How’s that for reason enough to integrate masturbation in your regular schedule?

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