A Bad Habit That Could Ruin Her Mood For Sex

A Bad Habit That Could Ruin Her Mood For Sex

I stumbled upon a new psychology journal while dropping by the local library over the weekend and discovered something that may just sharply lower your chances of easily getting your lover hot and ready for action in bed.

However, before we get to it, I’d like to give you a quick primer on what happens inside your partner’s body during sexual arousal so you can understand the whole thing better as you go along.

As soon as you two get frisky in the bedroom, the brain starts stimulating the endocrine glands to produce and release mood-altering hormones that prep up her body for lovemaking. Besides spiking up your partner’s heart and breathing rate, these hormones also increase blood flow to her pelvic region to get her ready down there.

But the thing is there’s another effect that these mood-altering hormones set off when they are let loose in the body. They also make your lover feel more relaxed the whole time by raising the serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels in her system, taking away inhibitions and loosening her up while at it.

The more of these “happy hormones” are churned out, the more sexually aroused your partner will be. And the more sexually aroused she is, the more pleasure she’ll experience during lovemaking. The easier it will be to make her achieve an orgasm while you’re at it as well.

However, her body won’t be able to produce an ideal amount of these happy hormones if a woman isn’t totally relaxed and comfortable while you’re getting things hot in the bedroom. Instead of letting loose serotonin, dopamine and endorphin, a woman’s body will release their negative counterparts (aptly named “stress hormones) that will only prevent her from really getting sexually aroused.

If your lover isn’t totally sexually aroused, she won’t feel as much pleasurable sensations during sex and making her reach the Big O will also be very tricky no matter how hard you try. And one of the things that really jumpstart her brain to produce and release stress hormones is seeing you’ve got dirty fingernails.

See, according to the Beltzman Psychological Institute, unwashed and untrimmed fingernails rank quite high in the list of things that women consider disgusting. And having the bad habit of letting your nails grow too long and get too dirty is simply going to ruin your lover’s mood to get ready for sex.

Unless your partner has a fetish for dirty fingernails, simply having a glimpse of them when you’re trying to heat her up for sex is enough to make her feel anxious, which amps up the release of stress hormones in her body.

If you think your fingernails are a bit grimy and need a bit of cleaning, they probably do. Giving them a careful once over at least every week should do the trick.

Now while I am not saying that you should start scheduling regular appointments at the nearest nail salon, just making sure that you keep your fingernails free from dirt and grime as well as properly trimmed is your best course of action.

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