Why Getting Too Excited Can Lead To Premature Ejaculation

Why Getting Too Excited Can Lead To Premature Ejaculation

Lasting for as long as you can in bed is definitely one of the things that you keep an eye on when it comes to lovemaking.

Besides ensuring that your lover will experience the sexual pleasure she’s always wanted as you go along, your chances of giving her an orgasm after another won’t be that tricky to pull off as well.

Sure you may already have your very own arsenal of tricks to boost your lasting power, but I stumbled upon a very interesting thing while checking out a medical journal at the local library the other day.

Let me key you in on this right away…

At its simplest, there are two key factors that control how long you’ll last in bed. One is the intensity of your sexual arousal and the other is the amount of physical stimulation that you’re getting during lovemaking.

If either one spirals out of control sooner than expected when you and your partner are getting busy in the bedroom, the chances that you’re going to come quicker than you’d like to during sex also goes through the roof.

However, I discovered that there’s one other factor that a lot of guys tend to overlook when preventing premature ejaculation is concerned. And it’s the amount of sexual excitement that they’re going through when things are already heating up in bed.

I know this sounds rather odd right now, but make sure you follow along…

If you’re a long-time AdviceForHim.com reader, you’ve probably already come across my posts on how mood-altering hormones play a significant role when it comes to prepping up your body for lovemaking.

From getting rock hard to achieving an orgasm, these hormones are let loose by the endocrine glands when the brain fires them up during sexual arousal. The faster they are churned out in the body, the quicker their effects will be.

What’s really interesting is these mood-altering hormones highly rely on how mentally stimulated you are for sex rather than the amount of physical stimulation you’re getting. The more you anticipate getting down with your lover, the quicker these hormones are going to be let loose and set off the changes they bring.

And when this happens, the chances that you’re going to come too soon during sex will simply go off the charts.

If you’re anything like most guys, it’s perfectly normal to feel excited when you and partner are getting frisky in bed. However, allowing it to become rather overwhelming can lead to premature ejaculation.

So better keep an eye on your excitement levels the next time things get hot in the bedroom and you’ll be just fine.

(Now here’s a simple pointer on how you can boost your sexual stamina to really give your lover an amazing sexual experience while at it.)

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