The Link Between Biking And Stronger Erections

The Link Between Biking And Stronger Erections

I know what you’re thinking…

This isn’t a post where I endorse a particular bicycle brand or perhaps convince you to become a hardcore biking buff.

I’m just going to share a really interesting sexual benefit that you can get from biking that will surely help you give your lover an amazing experience the next time both of you get frisky in bed.

And this is getting stronger erections during sexual arousal.

I know this sounds really odd right now, but I’m betting that you’ll give biking a try when you follow along…

As I have emphasized in my previous posts, exercise plays a key role when it comes to your sexual performance. Besides boosting your energy levels so your sexual stamina won’t be dipping down anytime soon, it also helps optimize your blood flow so you’ll always rise up to the occasion when things heat up in the bedroom.

See, the erectile tissues in the penis absorb all the blood they need during sexual arousal to firm up. Unless they get the right amount, it’s either you’re only going to get a very weak erection that will simply fizzle out sooner than you’d like to or perhaps not get hard at all.

Apart from being a form of exercise and keeping blood flow ideal, there is also one sexual advantage biking offers that will surely take your lovemaking sessions up a notch…

It also improves the sensitivity of your pelvic region.

As it turns out, a more than usual amount of blood is directed to your pelvic region when you are sexually aroused. This is where blood courses through to the spongy erectile tissues that need to absorb most of it to achieve an erection.

If your pelvic region isn’t that sensitive during sexual arousal, there might be a delay in the absorption of blood by the erectile tissues in the penis, which can mean that it will take a bit longer for you to achieve an erection.

There’s even a possibility that the strength and intensity of your erections will be affected as well. And when this happens, there will also be an impact to your lover’s sexual pleasure. Now do you see the advantage of taking a bike for a spin when it comes to perking up your erections?

One thing to keep in mind though. You simply can’t grab any bike to ride or else you’ll put yourself at risk to injury and other issues. There are some factors to consider when choosing the perfect bike for you.

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