This Simple Tip Can Boost Her Foreplay Satisfaction

This Simple Tip Can Boost Her Foreplay Satisfaction

I’m pretty sure you consider foreplay a very valuable part of lovemaking. Besides being a great way of warming up your lover for more intense action in the bedroom, giving her a pleasurable foreplay experience also gives you a better chance of making her achieve orgasm while at it.

Now while you may already know the erogenous zones that your partner prefers to be stimulated as well as the techniques that she’d like you to do during the same, it is still possible to take your foreplay moves up a notch.

And I’ve got just the simple yet effective tip that easily helps you do that. Make sure you follow along so I can key you in on this…

As I have emphasized in a previous post, the brain plays a key role when it comes to getting a woman ready for lovemaking.

Apart from firing up the endocrine glands to let loose mood-altering hormones to prepare her body for sex, the brain also oversees the processing of sensations when her erogenous zones are stimulated.

This means that it’s up to the brain to decide if a certain stimulation to a specific erogenous zone during foreplay is pleasurable or not.

However, I’ve picked up something during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may just help you trick the brain into making each move you make during foreplay very pleasurable for your partner.

And it’s as simple as blindfolding your lover the next time you two start getting frisky in bed. I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’re definitely going to integrate this one in your foreplay checklist when you read on…

See, blindfolding your partner during foreplay triggers two effects that kick in almost immediately.

Firstly, her imagination runs wild. This is because her brain tends to anticipate and imagine sensations because your lover doesn’t have a clue what you’ll do or which erogenous zones you’re going to stimulate when you’re already getting in action.

Secondly, the sensations your partner will feel become heightened when you do this. A simple touch or caress to one of her erogenous zones will feel more intense and electrifying, which increases her sexual arousal by the minute.

And giving her a mind-blowing orgasm isn’t to be tricky as you go along. What’s really interesting is it’s even possible that you will make her reach the Big O before you really got your A-game going in the bedroom.

One thing to keep in mind though. Make sure you get your lover’s consent before you blindfold her during foreplay.

Instead of getting her imagination wild and heightening the sensations she will feel, there’s a big possibility that she’ll get anxious and tense during the same, which means she won’t be enjoying the experience no matter how hard you try.

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