This Tip Can Improve Your Erections Easily

This Tip Can Improve Your Erections Easily

You’re noticing that your erections are not that intense as they used to when you and your lover are getting frisky in the bedroom these days.

Now while this can  be rather frustrating, it’s still not reason enough to get your hands on pills, creams and similar artificial products that are just going to do more harm than good sooner or later if you use them.

However, I know one simple tip that can easily improve the intensity of your erections. What’s even more interesting is it can help you keep clear of serious health issues in the long run as well.

Make sure you follow along so I can key you in on this…

When it comes to lovemaking, having the ability to get rock hard is definitely an essential if you’re looking to give your partner the sexual pleasure she wants in the bedroom.

Sure you may keep in mind to make vigorous exercise a regular habit as well as loading up on healthy stuff to ensure that you’re going to rise up to the occasion each time things get hot in bed, there’s one mistake a lot of guys tend to overlook that can sap the power of their erections during lovemaking.

And this mistake is indulging in their favorite brew more than they should.

Now while I’ve emphasized in a previous post the sexual benefits of moderately drinking alcohol, having too much of a good (not mentioning deliciously intoxicating) thing isn’t something you should do either.

Let me explain what I mean…

A natural process gets triggered in the body as soon as the brain detects that you and your lover are getting at it in bed. The endocrine glands get fired up to release mood-altering hormones that cause significant changes in the body that get you ready for sex.

Besides spiking up your heart and breathing rate, the hormones that the endocrine glands let loose also increase the blood flow that’s directed to the pelvic region where a considerable part of it is absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis.

When these spongy tissues absorb all the blood they need, they firm up and get an erection going. They are also naturally wired to stay that way until you achieve orgasm.

However, something else happens when you load up on too much alcohol. As it turns out, habitually drinking excessive amounts of alcohol prevents some parts of the central nervous system important for sexual arousal from functioning like they’re supposed to.

Although this negative effect of alcohol abuse doesn’t manifest immediately, it tends to accumulate over time and just show up the least you expect it…

Like when you’re trying to heat things up with your partner in bed and discover that you’re not getting as hard as you can.

So if you’re looking to keep your erections as strong and stable as you can, keep your alcohol consumption to moderate levels and you’re good to go. You’re also going to keep clear from illnesses like diabetes, liver problems and hypertension while at it.

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