Why A Lot Of Guys Fail To Ace A First Date

Why A Lot Of Guys Fail To Ace A First Date

So here’s the situation…

You’ve been noticing that your dating schedule is going through a dry spell these days no matter how much effort you exert when you take a woman out the first time.

It just seems that you can’t seal the deal on convincing a woman to go out on a second date with you. Sure this is quite frustrating on your part, but the thing is there’s a big chance that this is simply caused by an innocent mistake that you unknowingly make during a first date.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you’re anything like most men, I’m pretty sure dazzling a woman when you’re taking her out for the first time is definitely on top of your dating checklist.

Besides prepping up meticulously beforehand to make sure you look and smell great, you also want to get the details of your date as perfect as you can like the venue, the food you’ll have as well as the activities that you’re going to do while at it.

And it’s not uncommon to have a little gift in there like a bouquet of flowers or perhaps a box of chocolates as well just to make your date feel extra special.

However, I learned a very interesting thing during my extensive research into the female psychology that can make this rather sweet gesture turn sour…

Now while there’s nothing wrong about giving a woman a simple gift during a first date, overdoing the whole thing already sends alarm signals ringing in her brain.

This is because showing up with too many presents on a first date makes her feel that you are not doing it out of good intentions. You’re basically giving your date the notion that you’re already trying to manipulate her feelings.

In a woman’s point of view, you’re attempting to buy your way into making her like you so she’ll go out with you again for a second date. And this simply means game over not just for your first date, but also for the succeeding ones that you could have had with her, too.

How’s that for a deal-breaker?

I’m not saying that you should do away with gifts when you’re taking a woman out on a first date. I am just emphasizing that you keep it as simple as you can while at it. And keep in mind that a single gift already does the trick as well.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s a simple trick to make your date trust you.)

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