A Simple Tip To Build Trust With Your Date

A Simple Tip To Build Trust With Your Date

I’m really disappointed at what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” tell guys who are looking to ace a date.

Besides saying that wearing ridiculous outfits supposedly make a woman feel that you’re the alpha male, they also claim that using specific pickup lines can also make your date fall for you almost immediately.

The thing is I’ve never come across these “tips” during my extensive research into the female psychology. However, there is one key factor that can help decide how your date will turn out sooner or later.

As it turns out, trust plays a very significant role in acing a date. Let me explain what I mean…

Whether you’re taking a woman out for the first time or perhaps it’s your fifth date already, building trust with her can either make or break how the whole thing goes. This is because you can’t ever establish an emotional connection with your date if she doesn’t trust you.

No matter how hard you’ve prepared to make the details of your date as perfect as you can, from the way you’ve prepped up to the venue you’re taking her, it’s still going down the drain if you haven’t built a strong foundation of trust with a woman.

Now while I’ve explained in a previous post how listening to your date intently when you’re engaging her in a meaningful conversation is one way to do it, there is another way that can help you pull it off when you are taking a woman out.

And this is making proper eye contact.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, simply holding your gaze isn’t going to cut it. Sure looking her in the eye when you two are interacting can be already considered eye contact, but overdoing it can make your date feel that you’re staring her down.

No matter how good your intentions are and you’re simply admiring the woman you’re with on a date, the effect on her would just be rather negative if she feels that you’re just looking at her long and hard.

On the other hand, looking away frequently is also a no-no.

This will only make you look shifty to your date, which only makes her feel that you’re a shady character. And when that happens, you’re sure that your date will end rather prematurely or perhaps you won’t score enough brownie points you need to convince her to go out with you again.

I have learned that the best way to do it is looking her in the eye very briefly but in a frequent manner. Now while this may sound complicated, it’s really not that tricky at all. I’ve even devised a strategy on how you can pull this off…

When you’re holding her gaze, count to five then look down. Make it a point to do it frequently in a relaxed manner. Besides making eye contact, you are also keeping her from thinking that you’re shifty.

How’s that for two for two?

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