A Simple Tip To Give Her One Orgasm After Another

A Simple Tip To Give Her One Orgasm After Another

I came across an interesting message while checking out my inbox this morning and I’d like to share it with you…

Ryan writes that he is having a tough time making his lover achieve orgasm when they get busy in the bedroom these days.

He adds that he’s quite confused since he already knows the erogenous zones to stimulate, the sexual techniques she likes as well as how soft or hard he should go while at it. Ryan even shares that he thinks he knows his partner so much sexually that he doesn’t talk to her anymore when things get hot in bed.

Well, I believe I see the root of Ryan’s problem already. And make sure you stick around to learn a simple trick that can help you give your lover one orgasm after another when you follow along…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, the only person who can tell you what really gives your lover an amazing time in bed is herself.

Sure there may be so-called “sex gurus” out there who tell you otherwise, but never have I come across in my extensive research into the female sexuality that there is another person other than a woman herself who can say what gives her the most pleasure during lovemaking.

And this means that the best thing you can do if you’re looking to give your partner one orgasm after another is communicating with her during sex.

Now while this sounds rather simplistic, letting your lover guide you when you two get frisky in bed basically covers everything you can do during lovemaking that can give her utmost pleasure.

It’s nothing complicated really. You simply have to communicate with her when you two get in action in the bedroom. It’s as easy as asking her what you’d like to do to her while you two are getting busy.

This not only gives you an idea which of your partner’s erogenous zones to focus on, but the intensity of pleasuring them as well. Moreover, she can also tell you how slow or fast you should go while at it.

Just think of it as having your very own coach during sex.

You simply have to follow your lover’s lead to make the experience extra amazing for her. What makes this arrangement even more interesting is giving her an orgasm or two (or more) won’t be that difficult in the process.

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