A Sex Myth That's Pure Nonsense

A Sex Myth That’s Pure Nonsense

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably come across your share of ridiculous sex myths over the years.

Now while there may be too many to mention, there’s one particular sex myth that I think is simply ridiculous. And this is the one about women not as excited for lovemaking compared to guys.

Although your lover may not get in the mood for action in the bedroom as fast as you can, this doesn’t mean that her excitement levels for sex are lower. I know this sounds a bit odd right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about women not as excited for lovemaking as men are.

A lot of guys mistakenly think that the sexual excitement levels of their lovers are lower than what they are naturally capable of. This is supposedly the reason why guys need to work hard to really get a woman in the mood.

Or else she won’t feel even the slightest hint of interest in sex anytime soon.

However, I discovered during my extensive research into the female sexuality that this isn’t so. At its simplest, men and women generally share the same libido levels.

What’s really interesting is both sexes virtually have the same capability to get ready for a bout of lovemaking. Moreover, both men and women can be affected by the same factors that can either improve or weaken their sexual excitement.

Examples of this factors that affect sexual excitement levels include self-confidence, overall wellness or medical conditions, the amount of stress he or she is normally exposed to, sleeping patterns and regular diet.

But there is one thing that differentiates men and women when it comes to getting in the mood for sex. And this is in the way their bodies become sexually aroused…

Men get basically turned on by physical and visual means.

A guy can easily get ready for sex when his partner does her magic on the right spots, all the while getting an eyeful of erotic stuff like racy lingerie and, of course, the naked body of his lover.

Women, on the other hand, get turned on in the bedroom in a more mental aspect.

Rather than being stimulated physically and visually, their sexual excitement goes off the charts when their imaginations run wild.

This is the reason why some men mistakenly believe that women have lower sexual excitement levels. It’s really because there is a significant difference in the way you have to push their buttons so they get in the mood for lovemaking.

Now we’ve got that dealt with, here’s one thing you need to keep in mind the next time you get frisky with your lover in bed…

Turn her on mentally.

Sure mentally turning on your partner may sound rather complicated, but it’s really not that difficult at all. One thing that will do just the trick is describing the things you’ll do to her the moment you two get alone in the bedroom.

Don’t hesitate to be very explicit with the way you describe them, too. The raunchier, the better.

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