A Simple Tip To Make Her Want You More In Bed

A Simple Tip To Make Her Want You More In Bed

I’ve been checking out a few medical journals at the library these past few days and I came across a very intriguing sexual mistake during my research that will surely spark your interest as well.

Besides preventing your lover from really getting in the mood when you’re trying to heat her up in bed, this mistake can also significantly reduce the pleasurable sensations she can experience while at it.

So now that I’ve got your complete attention, let me share what I’ve discovered…

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably already have a list of erogenous zones to stimulate to get your partner sexually aroused in bed.

The cool thing about erogenous zones is they will always give your lover pleasurable sensations when you stimulate them the right way. Whether you prefer kissing, caressing or perhaps licking them, these sexual hot spots will surely feel good each time you are doing it.

However, I discovered that women can experience different levels of pleasure when you stimulate their erogenous zones. It can be either awesome pleasure or perhaps so-so pleasure. And this greatly depends on the time of month

Sure the pleasurable sensations that they can give will still be there, but they won’t be as intense as before because a woman’s brain tends to change the pleasure levels she’ll get as you stimulate away.

This means that focusing on the wrong ones can easily make your lover feel that your sexual moves are already getting monotonous, which greatly affects her excitement for your next sex session.

There’s no need to worry just yet though.

See, I’ve also learned that there is a simple way of making her erogenous zones feel great again when you’re stimulating them. And it’s paying close attention to her reaction while you’re stimulating a particular erogenous zone during foreplay or sex.

As it turns out, a woman’s erogenous zones have a regular cycle of increased or reduced sensitivity. Depending on what cycle they’re in, they can either feel really sensitive and pleasurable, like in the case of ovulation, or rather flat.

The best thing to do is to explore her body carefully which erogenous zones are at their most active. When you hear her moaning excitedly or her movements have become quite more animated, that’s your cue that you’ve already zeroed in on the right spots.

Keep in mind that the erogenous zones that give her an awesome time in bed this time might not be as pleasurable the next. Make it a point to always explore her body carefully to pull this off each and every time.

And she’ll be looking forward to your lovemaking sessions even more.

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