How You Can Make A First Date A Success

How You Can Make A First Date A Success

If you’re anything like most men who have finally convinced a woman to go out with them on a first date, there is a very big chance that you’d like to ace the whole thing.

Not only does pulling it off smoothly boost your chances of taking her out again for a second date, but also raise the possibility that you’ll build a strong emotional connection with her as you go along.

However, I’m quite disappointed with the things a lot of so-called “dating gurus” say when it comes to making a first date a complete success.

Besides advising guys to wear loud and gaudy apparel to catch a woman’s attention, they also recommend being quite brash with words to supposedly make her think that you’re the alpha male.

Now here’s the thing…

Put yourself in the shoes of the woman you’re dating. How would you take it if you show up on a date and find out that the guy you’re going out with is poorly-dressed and talks in an arrogant manner?

Definitely a deal-breaker, right? However, I discovered something during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just help you boost your chances of success during a first date.

And it’s switching off your mobile phone. I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along why powering down your phone is a priority when it comes to first date success …

See, one of the things that women find extremely likeable in men is having the ability to focus their entire attention of them during a date.

As it turns out, this is linked to a very interesting attribute that’s inherent to women. They are naturally wired to feel if the guy they’re going out with is genuinely into them.

If a woman thinks that you’re not that interested in her, making a connection with her is going to be very tricky. This is because it’s either she’ll have the notion that you were just forced to go on a date with her or perhaps you’re simply dating her for the wrong reasons.

And one of the things that inadvertently make a woman think that? Checking your phone every few minutes when you’re on a date with her.

You will just make the woman you are out with feel that you’re either bored or you need to be somewhere else. This sets off alarm signals in her brain, which boosts her anxiety levels off the charts almost instantly.

And that simply means game over for your date. So if you’re really looking to make a first date a success, put off checking your text messages, tweets, posts and picture uploads for later to do just that.

(However, here’s one thing that you can do with your phone that can help fire up a woman in bed faster.)

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