Why Watching Your Weight Is A Must If You Want To Become A Better Lover

Why Watching Your Weight Is A Must If You Want To Become A Better Lover

I received an interesting message from Jed, a long-time AdviceForHim.com reader, while checking out my inbox this morning and I’d like to share it with you…

Jed asks if weight gain can affect his performance in the bedroom sooner or later. He says that he let himself go these past few weeks by munching on cheeseburgers and hotdogs more than usual and as a result, he put on some extra pounds.

Now while Jed thinks that there’s still no significant change when he and his lover are getting frisky in bed these days, he’s worried that he may suffer from some major sexual issues in the long run with his weight ballooning drastically.

Well, let me start things off by saying that while it’s perfectly fine to give yourself a treat and enjoy your favorite goodies once in a while, particularly those in the oily and salty category, making them mainstays in your regular diet is simply a no-no.

See, these foods basically lead to an increase of unhealthy fat in the body, which also triggers bad cholesterol levels to spike up. Besides adding a few pounds the next time you step on your weighing scale, there is also one rather serious problem that you may go through when things are already heating up in the bedroom.

And this problem is erectile dysfunction. Sure this sounds crazy right now, but I’m sure you will be more weight conscious once you follow along…

You may probably already know by now that ideal blood flow plays a key role in getting you ready sex. As it turns out, you can’t get rock hard on demand if your circulation is sluggish or when you’re suffering from hypertension, which is an illness that usually stems from being overweight.

This is because the erectile tissues in the penis won’t get sufficiently firm during sexual arousal and stay that way until orgasm if they don’t absorb the right amount of blood. And just to make things scarier, there is even a big possibility that you won’t get an erection at all if there’s something wrong with your blood flow.

When you’re over your ideal weight, it already puts a strain on your veins and arteries to send blood all over your body. This simply means that the heavier you are, the chances that the erectile tissues in your penis won’t be absorbing the right amount of blood they need will also go through the roof.

Plus, you’ll also be at risk of a number of serious health issues like  stroke, diabetes, heart attack and similar cardiovascular problems sooner or later if this isn’t fixed.

So if you’re really looking to give your partner an amazing sex session each and every time, make it a point to keep a close eye on your weight and you’re good to go.

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