Trust And Its Importance In Getting A Second Date

Trust And Its Importance In Getting A Second Date

If you’re anything like most guys, acing a date and scoring a second one is definitely on top of our checklist when you’ve finally convinced a woman you had your eye on for a very long time to go out with you.

However, I am simply disappointed with the things that self-proclaimed “dating gurus” say that can boost your chances of pulling off just that…

Besides putting on loud and gaudy apparel since this supposedly helps you get a woman’s full attention and make her feel that you’re the alpha male, some of these so-called “experts” also insist that using specific words can make your date fall for you in no time.

I think that’s all ridiculous really since it’s never been proven that there are ways you can cut corners to do so.

However, I learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there is one strategy you can use to convince a woman that she should go on a second date with you. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Unlike what a lot of “dating gurus” say, the only way that you can convince a woman to go out with you again is by building an emotional relationship with her. Sure this may sound rather technical right now, but this simply means you have to make her trust you.

And you won’t be earning her trust anytime soon no matter how loud and gaudy your clothes are during a date or how sharp your pick-up lines may be. Unless a woman decides that she can trust you, date number two is going to be quite elusive.

Now here’s the tricky part…

Getting your date’s trust isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but I happen to know a simple trick you can use to get you on the right track. And it’s preparing for your date as meticulously as you can.

Unlike what some men mistakenly think, a first date isn’t something that you should just wing as you go along since women find spontaneity exciting.

See, you have to get all the details of your date in line to boost your chances of making a woman trust you.

Besides checking and double-checking the place where you’ll take her on your date, asking her what food she likes or the drinks she prefers should also be a priority. Knowing what activities she’d like to do is going to help a lot as well.

Come to think of it. Just imagine the disaster that will happen if you wing it the whole time during your date and end up with the things you didn’t even plan even the least?

This is because a woman will have the notion that you’re pulling all the stops just to make your date extra special. And when your date feels that way, she will also think that you’re a responsible guy, which already makes her trust you a bit.

How’s that for starting things off the right way?

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