Don't Forget This Erogenous Zone During Foreplay

Don’t Forget This Erogenous Zone During Foreplay

I’m pretty sure you already know the erogenous zones you should be focusing on when you and your lover are already getting frisky in the bedroom.

However, there is a big possibility that you’re missing out on a very significant spot that can easily make or break your chances of getting your lover ready for sex or achieve a mind-blowing orgasm after another.

Let me key you in on this important erogenous zone…

If you’ve been following for a while now, you’ve probably already come across my posts on the critical role of foreplay when it comes to a woman’s sexual arousal.

Sure you may have an idea by now which spots really get your partner going during foreplay, but neglecting to do one thing can easily make the whole thing flat for her. And this is forgetting to stimulate her mentally.

I know this sounds odd right now, but let me explain what I mean…

As it turns out, a woman’s sexual arousal basically depends on how much mood-altering hormones her body can let loose when things are getting hot in the bedroom. These hormones are produced and released by the endocrine glands.

If the right amount of these mood-altering hormones get churned out by the endocrine glands when you and your lover get frisky, her body won’t find it tricky to get ready for sex. As an added bonus, her chances of reaching the Big O sooner or later also become higher in the process.

However, when there’s not enough of these hormones released in her system, your partner won’t just take a longer time to get in the mood for lovemaking, but will also find it difficult to experience the pleasurable sensations when you two already get in the action.

What’s even scarier is she will find it rather challenging to achieve an orgasm no matter how hard you try.

Interestingly, getting around this problem is as easy as stimulating your lover mentally during foreplay. Now while it sounds rather complicated, it really isn’t that tricky at all. So here’s what you need to do…

The moment things are already getting hot in bed, make it a point to compliment her in a rather naughty way.

Take a compliment you’d normally say to her and make it as risqué as you can. Like you can tell her how hot her body is and how you lose control when you see her naked. You can also tell her how looking at her breasts and other sexy bits make you really sexually aroused at the drop of a hat.

This coaxes her brain to send messages to the endocrine glands almost immediately to start working and releasing mood-altering hormones.

Keep this going for as long as you can until you notice that your partner’s mood for sex is already off the charts like if she’s already gushing down there or perhaps her other erogenous zones have become so sensitive, you already hear her moan when you stimulate them the least.

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