So You're Loading Up Too Much On The Salty Stuff

So You’re Loading Up Too Much On The Salty Stuff

While checking out my emails this morning, I came across a very interesting message from Neil, a long-time reader.

Neil shares that he is big fan of salty foods like potato chips, pretzels as well as pork rinds. He admits munching on them now and then, especially when he’s watching a movie or perhaps keeping score when his favorite teams are playing live on TV.

Neil asks if eating his favorite salty treats can have an effect on his performance in the bedroom. And I know you’ll find the answer to this question quite interesting, so make sure you follow along…

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably have your very own favorite salty snack to indulge in whenever you’d like to give your taste buds a treat every so often. What’s interesting is they’re perfectly fine and won’t disrupt your sexual performance if consumed in moderation.

However, if you make salty foods mainstays in your regular diet, you’re at risk of experiencing a few major issues that can be anything from erectile dysfunction to dipping sexual stamina when you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom in the long run.

And this is because of the effect that gets set off in the body when you load up on too much salt regularly.

See, when you’re eating salty treats, some of the salt that they contain goes into the bloodstream. Now while arteries and veins can easily take care of small amounts of salt, they tend to work harder than usual when they need to negotiate bigger quantities.

This causes the tiny muscles in the veins and arteries to get thicker, which can affect the amount of blood flow that is circulating in the body.

If you keep on consuming large amounts of salt, these arteries and veins will get thicker and thicker until blood will already have a very difficult time flowing and getting to where they’re supposed to.

And since blood plays a key role during sexual arousal, you’re definitely going to experience a few rather disappointing setbacks when things are getting hot in bed…

One is not getting rock hard on demand.

The erectile tissues in the penis need to absorb the right amount of blood to firm up and stay that way until orgasm is achieved. If blood can’t get to them during sexual arousal, it’s either you’ll only have a weak erection or none at all.

Two is your sexual stamina will take a nosedive when this happens.

As it turns out, blood is the natural fuel our body needs to get going during lovemaking. If the blood circulating in your system isn’t that intense, you’re going to end up feeling sluggish and more drained than usual.

Enjoying your favorite salty snacks isn’t all that bad. As long as you’re only eating them in moderation, you can expect to keep your sexual performance up to par.

(Now here’s a good reason why you should keep in mind to drink enough water daily.)

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