A Mistake That Prevents Her From Reaching The Big O

A Mistake That Prevents Her From Reaching The Big O

I’ve had the chance to share a few beers with a very close college friend of mine, Dana, the other day and she told me one interesting reason why some women seem to find it tricky to achieve orgasm no matter how much effort a guy is putting in.

And I’m sure you will find this quite interesting, so you better follow along to learn more…

Dana explains that reaching the Big O isn’t something that happens to a woman easily like it is for a man. Now while a guy won’t have a problem achieving orgasm when things get really hot in the bedroom, it is much more of a process that needs to be built up for women.

She adds that the two key factors of this process are relaxation and stimulation. The chances that you’re going to give your lover an orgasm without these two are just impossible. In case you wondering, she’s just not going to get an orgasm as well if either one isn’t there.

This is because an orgasm is basically the result of the changes that mood-altering hormones set off in the body when they get released. They need to reach a certain level to trigger the system’s ability to activate its orgasmic function.

The good thing is when these hormonal changes reach their peak, an orgasm takes place. On the other hand, when a guy can’t sustain the rise of these changes during sex, there is a very big possibility that a woman won’t be able to achieve orgasm.

And what’s really interesting is these changes can lose their intensity if a woman feels distracted, annoyed or perhaps anxious.

There are lots of things that can make these hormonal changes lose their intensity, too. Besides not making it a point to keep your hygiene up to par, neglecting the cleanliness and organization of your bedroom can make them dip down almost immediately, too.

However, there is one other thing that Dana mentioned during our discussion that I really found interesting that can also affect the changes caused by these mood-altering hormones and prevents a woman from orgasming…

And this is allowing things to get too rough in bed.

Sure you may see rough sex as a usual fare when you watch porn, but it will only lead to disaster when you do it in real life. As it turns out, women need sensuality to really get themselves going for an orgasm sooner or later during lovemaking.

So unless your lover asks you to get rougher when you’re already in action in the bedroom, better take things slow and easy to guarantee she will be reaching the Big O while at it.

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