How You Can Boost The Power Of Your Erections Naturally

How You Can Boost The Power Of Your Erections Naturally

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’ve already come across pills, creams and similar artificial products that claim to boost the power of your erections as soon as you use them.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, there are natural ways to do just that. And one method to pull it off is by drinking enough water daily. I know this sounds a bit crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

See, an erection is basically the result of a process that gets set off when the brain stimulates the endocrine system to produce and release mood-altering hormones. Besides making you breathe faster than usual, these hormones also speed up your heart rate resulting to a more intense circulation of blood in the body.

Most of this blood is directed to the pelvic region where it’s absorbed by the spongy erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up. Once they get the right amount of blood they need, you get rock hard and stay that way until orgasm is achieved.

What’s really interesting about this is it happens so fast that you won’t even know that you are already getting an erection. It’s all involuntary as well so you won’t even have to worry about a single thing since the brain oversees the whole process.

However, this is what happens when the natural channels where blood flows through are sufficiently hydrated. When they’re running dry though, you’ll have problems rising up to the occasion the next time you and your lover get frisky in bed.

As it turns out, natural channels in the body like blood vessels, veins and arteries where blood flows through, need to be kept sufficiently hydrated so they’ll do their job efficiently. Think of them as pipes that need lubrication to ideally work.

And the best thing to reach for to keep these channels sufficiently hydrated? Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water daily. See, water works in two ways when you drink enough of it every day.

First, it helps keep blood vessels, veins and arteries moist and flexible so blood won’t find it tricky to go through them. Second, since water is a natural solvent, it also helps dissolve or flush out unwanted materials that may have clung along their walls that can possibly block off the blood flow.

And when blood doesn’t have a problem flowing to where it’s supposed to during sexual arousal, you’re not just sure to have an erection when things get hot in the bedroom, but each one is going to be strong and stable as well.

(Now here’s why making it a habit to exercise regularly can help improve your sexual performance as well.)

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