Don't Do This During Foreplay

Don’t Do This During Foreplay

I’m pretty sure that an awesome foreplay session is on your sexual checklist when things get hot in the bedroom to really get your lover going for sex.

Without the right foreplay, there is a big chance that your partner won’t be fully sexually aroused, which will greatly affect the sensations she’ll experience when you two get right in action.

And when this happens just every time you’re in the mood to get frisky with her in bed, it is very possible that she won’t be that excited to heat things up with you anymore in the long run. Just imagine how frustrating that would be.

However, I’ve discovered a mistake that can easily ruin your partner’s mood for lovemaking even if you’re doing all the right moves during foreplay. Now while I don’t mean to scare you, it’s possible that you’re already doing this.

Make sure you follow along to find out what this mistake is so you can easily take her satisfaction during foreplay through the roof the next time things get hot in the bedroom…

If you’ve been following for a while now, you may have come across my post on how mentally stimulating a woman is a key factor when it comes to getting her completely ready for lovemaking.

This is because it promotes her brain to start releasing mood-altering hormones in her body that cause major changes that prepare her for sex even before the action starts. Besides making her erogenous zones extra sensitive for stimulation, there’s also a chance that she’ll start getting wet right and there.

However, something else happens when you overdo the whole thing. Instead of stimulating the brain to fire up the endocrine glands to let loose feel-good hormones, they end up releasing their negative counterparts or stress hormones that only do the exact opposite of their positive counterparts.

In short, not only will your partner find it tricky to get sexually aroused, but she’ll also have a tough time staying in the mood if she does pull it off. This simply means that your sex session either won’t be that satisfying or perhaps there won’t be any lovemaking happening anytime soon.

And one way of overdoing mental stimulation is talking too much during foreplay…

Sure a bit of sexy talk here and there can do the trick, but doing it over and over in just a short amount of time already becomes annoying for your lover, which gets her brain to churn out stress hormones almost immediately.

Just keep in mind not to become a blabbermouth during foreplay and you’ll be fine.

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