Is She Losing Interest In Sex Because Of This?

Is She Losing Interest In Sex Because Of This?

I was checking out my emails this morning when I came across a very interesting message from Josh, a long-time reader.

Josh shares that no matter how hard he tries, his lover seems not that excited to get things hot in the bedroom anymore these days. He adds that she’s not that receptive to his moves even if he’s always focusing on her favorite erogenous zones and foreplay techniques each time he tries to warm her up for sex.

Well, I think I already see Josh’s problem and you might want to follow along to learn a very simple mistake that can easily make your partner lose interest in sex. Let me explain what I mean…

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you may have probably come across my posts on how the brain calls all the shots when it comes to lovemaking.

Besides overseeing the release of mood-altering hormones that fire up the reproductive organs to get in action, it also stimulates involuntary bodily functions like increasing the heart and breathing rate as well as intensifying the sensitivity of erogenous zones to get you properly sexually aroused.

What’s even more interesting is no matter how loaded its task list is when things get hot in the bedroom, the brain is still the one regulating the pleasure signals when you and your partner get frisky in the bedroom. This simply means the brain has the final say if the things you do during sex is pleasurable.

And one thing that makes the brain think that your moves in bed are rather bland is doing the same things over and over.

See, it really doesn’t matter if you concentrate on your partner’s favorite erogenous zones or doing foreplay techniques that she likes. If the brain has the notion that things are simply repetitive in the bedroom, she won’t experience the sexual pleasure she used to feel when you two are heating things up.

And if this happens again and again, the chances that your partner won’t be that eager to have sex simply gets higher and higher.

It’s still not too late to fix this problem though. You simply have to mix things up when you’re trying to get your lover going for sex. Stimulate the erogenous zones you don’t normally have in your checklist of areas to pleasure and just be unpredictable while at it.

You’ll be very surprised how things will go when you give this a try.

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