Why You Should Drink Lots Of Water

Why You Should Drink Lots Of Water

Now while this may sound crazy right now, not making it a habit to drink enough water daily can lead to problems when things are heating up between you and your lover in the bedroom.

If you’re a guy who’s not that fond of downing at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, chances are you’ll have a change of heart when you follow along. Let me explain what I mean…

However, before I explain this to you in detail, let me give you a quick rundown on what happens inside the body when you and your partner start to get frisky in bed.

The moment the brain perceives that you need to be sexually aroused, it immediately sends loads of neural messages to the endocrine glands to fire them up. What’s happens next is these glands produce and release lots and lots of mood-altering hormones that set off significant changes in the body needed to get you ready for lovemaking.

Besides increasing your heart rate and blood pressure levels, these hormones also make the skin, particularly in and around the erogenous zones, to become rather sensitive than usual. They also direct a more than usual flow of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm them up and get you rock hard.

Interestingly, these hormones also make sure that your erection won’t fizzle out unexpectedly so you’re going to give your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants when you two get action in the bedroom.

And here’s where staying ideally hydrated comes in…

Even if your brain and endocrine glands are properly doing their jobs to let loose ideal amounts of mood-altering hormones, you’d still be having a bit of trouble getting ready for sex because they won’t be getting to where they’re supposed to at the right time.

See, all natural channels in the human body need to be kept sufficiently hydrated to make sure all the fluids passing through them do so without a hitch. This covers everything from blood, saliva, urine, sweat to the mood-altering released hormones during sexual arousal.

It really doesn’t matter how much hormones the brain and endocrine glands produce and release.

If they can’t arrive to where they’re supposed to when things get hot in the bedroom, it’s either you’ll experience a delay in getting ready for lovemaking, especially in achieving a stable erection, or perhaps won’t feel the effects of becoming sexually aroused at all.

Just imagine how disappointing that would be for you and your lover the next time you two get frisky in bed. So if you’re really looking to pleasure her when things get hot, having the right amount of water daily is definitely a must.

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