Why Your Lover Doesn't Like Oral Sex

Why Your Lover Doesn’t Like Oral Sex

I’m pretty sure you’ve got oral sex on your lovemaking checklist when you and your partner get frisky in the bedroom. Now while stimulating your lover orally is one way to get her to reach the Big O, you’re simply noticing that she’s not that excited for it anymore these days.

This doesn’t mean your lover has finally become immune to the pleasurable sensations oral sex can bring. However, it simply means that you’re making a simple mistake that prevents her from really enjoying the whole thing.

Let me explain what I mean…

As it turns out, you will have a tough time properly pleasuring your partner during oral sex if you’re only doing it half-heartedly. Sure this sounds a bit crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along.

During my extensive research into the male psychology, I discovered that the brain is practically calling all the shots when it comes to lovemaking. And this applies to whether you’re giving or receiving the pleasure while the action is happening.

In short, if you’re not that into giving your lover oral sex in bed, chances are you won’t be able to do it properly and end up not giving her the satisfaction she wants while at it. How’s that for ruining the experience when you go down on her?

See, if you’re not excited about giving a woman oral sex, the brain translates this as something you don’t like doing. When this happens, it stimulates the endocrine glands to produce and release stress hormones, which make you feel anxious, impatient and rather irritated almost instantly.

You will have the mindset that what you’re doing is a burden and will tend do it in a careless and sloppy manner. Just to make things even more terrible, this will possibly become even more intense as you go along.

And this will significantly affect the way you’re going to pleasure her during oral sex.

The next time you’re planning to stimulate your lover orally when you two get frisky in bed, think of it as something that gives her utmost pleasure. And since it gives her utmost pleasure, you like giving it to her.

I know this sounds a bit simplistic, but changing the way you look at oral sex to a more positive manner greatly affects how you’ll be able to give it to your partner. How about trying this the next time you and your lover are giving it a go and surprise her when you go south of the border?

(Keep these 4 oral sex mistakes in mind as well.)

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