Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your Alcohol Intake

Why You Should Keep An Eye On Your Alcohol Intake

I’m pretty sure you have your favorite brew to sip on whenever you’d like to chill out. Whether you’re de-stressing after a long day’s work or perhaps simply looking to give your taste buds a well-deserved reward, having a portion or two of your booze of choice is sure to hit the spot.

Now while I emphasized in an earlier post how consuming moderate amounts of alcohol can help you boost your performance when things get hot in the bedroom, overdoing the whole thing can easily lead to the exact opposite.

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However, before I explain this more in detail, let me give you a quick rundown on what happens inside your body during sexual arousal to help you understand how alcohol can disrupt the process needed to get you ready for lovemaking.

See, as soon as the brain senses that you and your lover are already getting frisky in bed, it immediately sends messages to the endocrine glands to start working. These glands produce and release mood-altering hormones that trigger key changes in the body like a spike in breathing and heart rate.

These hormones also direct a more than usual flow of blood in the system to make the skin extra sensitive to stimulation, especially in and around the erogenous zones, as well as firming up erectile tissues in the penis to achieve an erection.

Making it a habit to consume moderate amounts of alcohol can actually help boost heart health, which improves the overall circulation in your body. If blood easily flows in the system during sexual arousal, you won’t have a problem getting ready for action in the bedroom.

However, a different effect happens when you drink more alcohol than you should. And I’ve learned something during my extensive research into the male sexuality that may just encourage you to avoid having one too many when indulging in your favorite brew…

As it turns out, alcohol can numb out some areas of central nervous system when abused in the long run. What’s even worse is the parts affected are the ones overseeing libido and orgasm, which can cause a lot of problems when you’d like to get things hot in bed with your partner.

Now while this effect isn’t instantaneous, it will accumulate over time if you keep on consuming too much alcohol. Just imagine how disappointing it will be when this effect strikes as you and your lover are getting ready to start up the action in the bedroom.

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