Are You Losing Your Sexual Stamina Because Of Smoking?

Are You Losing Your Sexual Stamina Because Of Smoking?

So you’re noticing that you just don’t seem to last as long when things get hot in the bedroom these days. Compared before when you can easily endure a vigorous bout of lovemaking, you simply find yourself getting sapped of energy as soon as you get started.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly believe, this isn’t something that comes with age or perhaps you already need to get your hands on artificial stuff like pills and creams that claim to bring back your sexual stamina levels. There is one possible reason that I know why you’re experiencing this problem.

And this is because you’re smoking habitually. I know this sounds rather surprising right now, but you will find out more in a short while…

If you’ve been following for a while now, you probably already know how significant the role of mood-altering hormones is during sexual arousal. They are basically the ones triggering the key changes needed by the body to properly prepare and function for sex when you and your partner are getting in the mood.

Besides picking up the breathing and heart rate to get your system ready for action in the bedroom, which can become quite energetic sooner or later, these hormones also make the erogenous zones extremely sensitive to stimulation to make you feel good almost immediately.

This rush of mood-altering hormones keeps on going until you reach orgasm and finally ejaculate. However, there is also one other thing that helps make sure that sexual function goes smoothly. And this is blood flow.

If something prevents blood from flowing ideally all through your system, the pleasurable sensations you’re going to feel during lovemaking won’t just reduce in intensity, but you’re also going to feel rather tired sooner than usual.

You’re simply going to feel spent even before you give your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants. There is even a very big possibility that you’ll get so tired during lovemaking that you’ll stop the action without reaching orgasm. How’s that for disappointing?

And this is where smoking comes in.

Now while a lot of guys mistakenly think that it’s only nicotine they’re getting each time they have a puff of their favorite cigarette, there is also a number of toxic chemicals you introduce in your body while at it. When these chemicals reach the blood vessels, they trigger an effect called vasoconstriction.

Vasoconstriction is basically a health condition in which the blood vessels tighten up, which prevents the ideal flow of blood in the body. And when blood flow is restricted, well, you know what happens next, especially when sexual stamina is concerned.

(Not all common vices are harmful to your sexual stamina if regulated though. Interestingly, drinking wine moderately in a regular basis can actually help you become a better lover.)

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