Do You Stimulate This Often Overlooked Erogenous Zone?

Do You Stimulate This Often Overlooked Erogenous Zone?

Now while this may sound surprising, you may be overlooking a very sensitive erogenous zone when you and your lover are getting frisky in the bedroom. Make sure you follow along to find out what this spot is to easily take your sex sessions up a notch…

I’m sure the erogenous zones you’re usually focused on when things get hot in the bedroom are the breasts, clitoris and the vagina. Now while these erogenous zones are no doubt very sensitive and can easily give your lover pleasurable sensations when stimulated properly, there is one spot a lot of guys tend to miss.

According to my extensive research into the female sexuality, this is the back of a woman’s neck.

As it turns out, the nape or commonly called as the back of the neck is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body. It is basically the bottom of your hairline located behind your head or in more technical terms, the spot where the back of the neck meets the skull

Although it doesn’t look sexual in any way compared to other erogenous zones you can find in a woman’s body, the nape is actually packed with nerve endings that can give your partner pleasurable sensations when stimulated properly during lovemaking.

If you try stimulating the back of your neck right now, particularly by running your fingers gently on it, you will experience a rather tingling sensation. This is because you are stimulating the hundreds and hundreds of nerve endings that line this area.

However, this feeling becomes more intense when you do the same thing to your lover…

I learned that this is so because women usually don’t expect the back of the neck to be stimulated during foreplay or lovemaking. This element of surprise is what makes this erogenous zone unique because your lover will never have a clue you’ll stimulate it even once.

Because your partner won’t have an idea you’re going to stimulate the back of her neck, the brain will produce more pleasure signals as you go along. This more than usual amount of pleasure signals stimulates the release of more mood-altering hormones as you keep on going.

In short, your lover will experience the pleasurable sensations faster, which in turn get her going for sex quicker. Don’t you think this is a win-win situation for you? Well, this is the main reason why licking, kissing or caressing the nape is one thing to add on your sexual checklist.

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