Why Smelling Good Turns Your Lover On

Why Smelling Good Turns Your Lover On

I learned a very interesting thing while checking out a few medical journals at the local library over the weekend and I’m sure you’ll feel the same about them when I tell you that I may just have stumbled upon a simple trick to turn your lover on for sex easier.

And this trick is to make sure that you smell good each time you’re trying to get your partner in the mood for lovemaking.

Sure this may sound rather simplistic right now, but you will definitely keep in mind to smell nice when you’re looking to get things hot in the bedroom with your lover as you follow along…

As it turns out, unlike men that can get sexually aroused at the drop of a hat, women need to be eased into it to really get them going for a sex session. Interestingly, there is also one other major difference a lot of guys don’t know about when it comes to making women ready for lovemaking.

See, women don’t get sexually aroused visually. This simply means they don’t immediately experience the involuntary changes the body goes through when they see their lovers showing off their assets. Now think about how your body will react almost immediately when you get a glimpse of your partner’s sexy bits?

That’s the big difference right there.

However, besides stimulating your lover’s mind by sending naughty messages to her email or cellphone, there is one other trick you can do to pick up the pace on her sexual arousal. And this is by exciting her brain to produce and release a lot of mood-altering hormones faster by wearing a cologne or perfume that she likes.

If you’ve been following AdviceForHim.com for a while now, you may have come across my posts on how mood-altering hormones play a key role in a woman’s sexual arousal. Apart from spiking up her breathing and heart rate, they also promote a more than usual amount of blood flow to the pelvic region to get her sufficiently lubricated down there.

This is because pleasurable smells help a woman fully relax. And relaxation is a big deal if you’d like to get your lover frisky in the bedroom since she won’t be that excited for sex if she feels anxious or worried.

This is the same concept behind scented candles and similar objects that are aimed at making a woman sexually aroused, but instead of her being focused on something else, she’ll have her full concentration on you.

So if you’re really looking to get her excited for sex faster, make it a point to put on a scent she likes. Keep in mind to ask her what her preferences are while at it since the effect will be the exact opposite if she finds the cologne or perfume you’re wearing is rather annoying to her taste.

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