How Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation

How Anxiety Causes Premature Ejaculation

So you’re just finding yourself coming too soon during sex these days that it’s already worrying…

Now before you get your hands on pills, creams and other products that claim to help you last longer in bed, there’s something that you should know about holding back premature ejaculation naturally.

See, you can easily prevent coming quicker than you’d like to during lovemaking by simply relaxing. I know this sounds crazy right now, but let me key you in on a very interesting thing I discovered during my extensive research into the male psychology…

As it turns out, the brain is the one calling all the shots when it comes to prepping up your body for sex when things get hot in the bedroom. It basically sends neural messages all over the system to fire up organs, glands, muscles and tissues that play key roles during sexual arousal.

This covers everything from getting and keeping you rock hard to achieving orgasm when you and your lover get frisky in bed.

One of the most significant functions that the brain has when sexual arousal takes place is activating the endocrine system to let loose positive mood-altering hormones like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones basically help set off the changes the body needs to get ready for lovemaking.

Besides spiking up the blood flow to your pelvic region to achieve a stable erection, these mood-altering hormones also regulate the sensations you feel during sex, which hold back the chances that you will be ejaculating prematurely while at it.

However, something happens when you get too anxious when things get hot in bed…

Sure feeling a bit nervous during lovemaking is pretty much normal, overdoing it promotes the brain to stimulate the endocrine glands to release overwhelming amounts of negative hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol that trigger effects that are the exact opposite of their positive counterparts.

Rather than getting rock hard, you’re at risk of not sending the right amount of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis that can lead to a weak erection or none at all. Similarly, instead of regulating the sensations you experience during lovemaking, they make them even more intense.

This torrent of sensations trick the brain that you’ve already got enough sexual stimulation and you’ll just find yourself ejaculating sooner than you’re supposed to.

The next time you and your partner are at it in the bedroom, keep in mind to relax as much as you can to prevent going off too soon. Don’t think too much about how your size won’t be that pleasurable for your lover or perhaps she won’t find your sexual techniques satisfying.

You will only be vulnerable to premature ejaculation when you do this. And unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, it’s as disappointing to her as it is to you.

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