The Biggest Anal Sex Myth Ever

The Biggest Anal Sex Myth Ever

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably heard a lot of negative things about anal sex already. From its being unnatural and taboo to being extremely painful to women, chances are you’ve picked up a thing or two over the years that gives anal sex a rather distasteful appeal.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about anal sex I’ve ever heard is that it’s completely dirty and you or your lover can easily become infected with several sexually transmitted diseases if you engage in it even once.

However, I discovered something during my extensive research into the female sexuality that may just disprove this anal sex myth in no time. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

I’m sure you’ve been taught at an early age that the anus is the dirtiest part of the human body because it’s where feces make their exit. Now while this is partly true because the body does get rid of its solid wastes from the anus and can be a bit messy if not properly cleaned after going to the toilet, it isn’t where feces is actually contained.

These waste materials are actually stored in the colon, which is located at the very end of the large intestine. And just to make things even more interesting, there is a ring of muscle called the internal sphincter, which involuntarily locks to prevent any of them from escaping when you’re not doing the business in the toilet.

This simply means it is quite possible that you won’t even come in contact with even the least amount of fecal matter when you sexually penetrate your partner in the anus. As long as she gives it a meticulous cleaning prior to your anal sex session, you won’t have to worry about things getting unexpectedly messy in the middle of it.

You can also take things up a notch by using a condom, a finger cot or perhaps an insertive condom, which is better known as the “female” version of the regular condom, to really make sure that you and your partner won’t experience any mishaps along the way.

Now we’ve got that covered, make sure you don’t forget one key element that can make or break the difference between good anal sex and a bad one. Lots of lubrication, that is. Keep in mind to go for water-based lubricants as well to really make the experience as pleasurable as possible for your lover as it is for you.

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