How Smoking Hurts Your Performance In Bed

How Smoking Hurts Your Performance In Bed

If you’ve been following for a while now, you probably came across my posts on how ideal blood flow plays a key role when it comes to giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted when things get hot in the bedroom.

Besides making sure that you will have a strong erection each time you need one, having an optimal flow of blood in your body also guarantees that your sexual stamina won’t waver anytime soon.

However, there’s one habit that you might have that is already putting your sexual performance at risk of getting wobbly in the long run. There is even a chance that you are already experiencing its bad effects right now.

And this habit is smoking. I’m sure you’ll be easing up on it as well if you’re looking to maintain your performance in bed when you follow along…

Sure puffing on your favorite brand of cigarettes helps you relax and relieve stress, but you are actually exposing your body to numerous toxic chemicals that only do harm the moment they infiltrate your system. Now while most their negative effects are long-term and can only be felt after years of usage, there are a few of them that your body experiences almost immediately after lighting up a cigarette or two.

What’s scary about these rather instant effects is you don’t feel them happening at all. You just unknowingly suffer their consequences, which can greatly affect your sexual performance the next time you and your partner get frisky in the bedroom.

One of these effects is vasoconstriction. It is when the blood vessels tighten unnaturally, preventing blood from flowing freely to where it is supposed to. And as I’ve emphasized earlier, not having an optimal flow of blood in your body not only keeps you from getting rock hard, but also weakens your sexual stamina.

Well, if you think that’s already scary, the list of bad effects you will go through if you’re a regular smoker goes on and on. Besides being highly vulnerable to high blood pressure, which makes you prone to stroke, heart attack and serious cardiovascular issues, your testosterone levels will also dip down, sapping your sex drive.

So if you’re really looking to satisfy your lover in the bedroom, make it a point to kick the smoking habit as soon as you can. Having more exercise in your daily list of activities is a great idea as well.

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