You're Bound To Lose That Second Date With This Mistake

You’re Bound To Lose That Second Date With This Mistake

I learned a very interesting thing while having a few drinks with my friend, Annie, the other day and I’m sure you will find this piece of information useful especially the next time you’re on a first date…

Annie shares that a lot of guys tend to blow their chances at scoring a second date with the women they’ve got their eyes on by making a simple gesture. And you may be unknowingly making this one when you’re taking a woman out on a date.

This gesture is crossing your arms. I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

According to Annie, convincing a woman that she should go out with you a second time is more than just looking and smelling good. Now while making sure that you keep an eye on your appearance and hygiene earns you a lot of brownie points, it still isn’t enough to score you another date with her.

What really makes or breaks your chances of doing just that is how well you establish an emotional connection with her. Or in simpler terms, how well you make your date feel comfortable around you and sustain that feeling the whole time.

Annie reveals that this is one of the biggest misconceptions a lot of men have about first dates. They mistakenly believe that as long as they looked like a movie star, acing it won’t be a problem.

And the gesture Annie pointed out earlier? It’s crossing your arms. Sure this sounds like something quite normal to you (and even cool for some), but this gesture easily makes the woman you’re out with think that you’re difficult to communicate with.

See, women are very particular with body language and crossing your arms in front of your date is basically displaying a closed defensive shield. This gives her the notion that you’re not that open to have a meaningful conversation going, which plays a key role when it comes to building an emotional connection with the woman you’re out with.

And just to make things even worse, crossed arms can also send the message to your date that you’re really not that confident and simply pretending just to impress her one way or another.

Annie shares that a better gesture would be putting your hands on the table for them to be visible most of the time. Women interpret this positive body language as you’re a guy who’s got nothing to hide, which means your intentions are good and your chances of scoring that second date are going to be higher.

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