This Mistake Can Ruin Your Chances At Scoring A Second Date

This Mistake Can Ruin Your Chances At Scoring A Second Date

I’ve had the chance to have a couple of drinks with one of my best female friends, Gwen, the other day and I learned something that may just easily help you boost your chances of scoring a second date.

As it turns out, a lot of guys tend to make a mistake that may seem helpful when it comes to scoring enough brownie points to convince the woman they’re out with to go on a date with them again, but is actually doing the opposite.

And according to Gwen, this mistake is being too nice to your date. I know this sounds a bit odd right now, but you will definitely find out more when you follow along…

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’d like to give the woman you’re taking out the right impression on your date. Besides making it a point to look and smell good, you’d also want to let her feel that you are a nice guy so establishing an emotional connection with her won’t be difficult.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with being a nice guy since it is actually a key factor that can easily make or break your chances of getting a second date, overdoing the whole thing is already a red flag for women.

Let me share what Gwen explained to me the other day…

Sure doing nice things for a woman during your date like opening doors for her, pulling her chair at the table for her to let her sit comfortably as well as listening to her intently during a conversation helps her brain let loose positive hormones that make her feel good, but simply playing Mr. Nice Guy the whole time sets off a negative effect in her body.

When your date feels that your niceness isn’t genuine, her brain sees this as a red flag and abruptly stops churning out the good stuff and releases stress hormones, which trigger rather unpleasant effects almost immediately. And the worst effect these stress hormones set off?

They take your date’s anxiety levels off the charts.

Besides getting rather jumpy and hard to engage in a decent conversation, she will also feel a few psychological effects brought on by the rush of stress hormones. These include sudden bouts of imaginary headaches and even a lingering feeling of dread.

In short, she won’t be that comfortable during your date and will even try to bolt out of there sooner than you’d like. And when that happens, it simply means your date is over.

Now while Gwen emphasized that being nice to your date is definitely a priority when you’re taking a woman out, don’t try to push things too far or else scoring that second date will be very difficult, if not impossible.

(And here’s why brushing your teeth daily is very important if you’d like to keep your erections strong.)

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