Can Junk Food Really Hurt Your Erections?

Can Junk Food Really Hurt Your Erections?

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’ve got a favorite brand of chips, fries, sodas and similar treats. Now while it’s perfectly fine to indulge in junk foods from time to time, making them a mainstay in your regular diet is going to hurt your erections eventually.

I know this sounds unbelievable right now, but you’ll definitely want to ease up on your consumption of junk foods if you’d like to keep your erections strong each time things are getting hot in bed when you follow along…

When it comes to getting rock hard, blood plays a very significant role. Besides making the skin, especially in and around the erogenous zones, rather sensitive, the rush of blood directed to the pelvic region also makes the erectile tissues in the penis swell up to get an erection going and keep it that way until orgasm is achieved.

So you already have an idea by now how important getting enough blood circulating in the body is during sexual arousal. Unless you’ve got a sufficient amount of it in your system when you and your lover are getting frisky in the bedroom, there is a very big possibility that you won’t get hard like you used to.

There’s even a chance that you won’t even get even the slightest erection at all.

And here’s where junk foods come in…

If you’ve had the chance of checking out the ingredients of your favorite junk treats, you will discover that they contain stuff like trans fats and sodium, which are considered as two of the worst things to load up in a regular basis when cardiovascular health is concerned.

See, the combination of excessive sodium levels and trans fats is very harmful to your erections because they have a negative effect to your blood flow.

Firstly, trans fats promote the formation of plaque particles that cling to the walls of your veins and arteries, which significantly prevent blood from flowing where it is supposed to be at a specific time like sexual arousal. If not given the right medical attention, plaque can eventually trigger serious health problems like atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack in the long run.

Secondly, very high levels of sodium cause a condition called hypertension in which the channels where blood flows through like blood vessels, arteries and veins considerably tighten. It is also one of the major factors in the development of health issues like kidney disease, dementia, transient ischemic attack (TIA), aneurysm and heart failure.

Now while I am not saying that you should forever say goodbye to your favorite junk treats, just make sure you don’t overindulge in them to protect your erections.

(And here’s how you can get rock hard in an instant.)

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