A Simple Tip To Excite Her Faster In Bed

A Simple Tip To Excite Her Faster In Bed

I’ve always been asked by a lot of readers if there’s an area in the female anatomy they can stimulate during foreplay that will instantly make their lovers hot and ready for action in the bedroom…

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic spot in a woman’s body that will help you do just that. However, I know a trick that may just pick up the pace on your partner’s sexual arousal and excite her faster for lovemaking.

But before I reveal this trick to you, give me a moment to describe the process that takes place in a woman’s body when you two are starting to get frisky in bed.

When your lover’s brain gets the notion that the two of you are already heating things up in the bedroom, it immediately sends messages to the endocrine glands to make them produce and release special mood-altering hormones that prep up her body for sex.

When the endocrine glands let these hormones loose in your partner’s system, significant changes take place almost immediately. Besides making her breathe faster and spiking her blood pressure, they also make her skin extra sensitive, especially in and around her erogenous zones, and churn out more pleasure signals when stimulated.

This is the reason why your lover will find it pleasurable when her erogenous zones like the breasts, clitoris, inner thighs and vagina are stimulated during foreplay compared to the time when you two aren’t getting at it.

But here’s the thing…

If your lover is anything like most women, chances are she probably has a few favorite erogenous zones. Be it her nipples, clitoris, vagina or perhaps the back of her neck, there are specific spots on her body she prefers to be kissed, caressed or licked when the two of you are starting to heat things up in bed. I’m sure you already have an idea what these are by now as well.

Now here’s where the trick I told you earlier gets in the picture…

The next time you and your lover are getting at it, keep in mind to stimulate erogenous zones that you don’t normally excite. This is because you’re simply going to make your partner feel sensations that she doesn’t usually experience during foreplay.

And because these sensations are quite new to her, the pleasure signals her brain receives are more intense and help speed up her sexual arousal considerably. So if you’re looking to excite her faster in bed the next time you two get frisky in the bedroom, make sure you zero in on erogenous you don’t normally stimulate and you’ll be surprised with the results.

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