Why Fiber Can Help You Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Why Fiber Can Help You Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve been getting a lot of emails these past few days from readers asking what stuff to load up on to keep their erections strong and stable each time things are getting hot in the bedroom. And I may just know of the stuff that can help you do so…

As I have emphasized in previous posts, getting rock hard on demand basically depends on how fast blood can flow to the pelvic region during sexual arousal. Most of this blood is directed to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up and stay there until orgasm is achieved.

If something hinders blood from fully getting to the erectile tissues in the penis, then it’s either you’ll have a very weak erection that will fizzle out even before you’ve given your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants, or perhaps stay limp the whole time no matter how hard you try.

Remarkably, I discovered during my extensive research into the male sexuality that one of the biggest reasons why a lot of guys tend to lose their ability to get stable and strong erections when they get frisky in bed is missing out on an essential nutrient that helps blood to reach the erectile tissues fast.

This nutrient is fiber and you’re simply putting your ability to get rock hard on demand at risk of failing sooner or later if you don’t have the habit of consuming in it a regular basis. Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, fiber basically helps improve blood flow in the body by doing a very interesting thing. Besides sopping up bad cholesterol that can considerably slow down the flow of blood, fiber also helps prevent the formation as well as get rid of plaque particles that can cling to the walls of arteries and veins and clog up the same.

And when this happens, getting a strong and stable erection when you need one can be rather tricky, not mentioning frustrating for you and your lover as well.

So if you think you’re not that big on fiber in your diet these days, make it a point to get your hands on foods that are rich in this nutrient mainstays in your regular diet as soon as you can. Keep in mind to eat more oatmeal, lima beans, black beans, broccoli, peas, artichokes, pears, avocados, blackberries, raspberries as well as a lot of nuts and seeds.

Aside from ensuring that you’ll always get rock hard when you and your lover are at it, you will definitely give your taste buds a party when you load up on them, too.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s why you should have sufficient sleep to really pleasure your lover in the bedroom.)

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