Why Lack Of Sleep Can Prevent You From Pleasing Your Lover In Bed

Why Lack Of Sleep Can Prevent You From Pleasing Your Lover In Bed

If you’re a guy reading this, chances you’ve probably missed out on a few hours of sleep from time to time…

Whether it’s catching up with the episodes of your favorite TV show you weren’t able to watch or perhaps finally solving that rather tricky puzzle in the latest video game you’re playing, skipping some shuteye once or twice is pretty much normal.

The thing is overdoing it can easily to a few negative effects that you will surely feel, especially the next time you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom. I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’ll learn more when you check out the rest of this article…

If you’ve been following AdviceForHim.com for a while now, you may already know that the body basically gets ready for lovemaking and stays in action between the sheets with the help of mood-altering hormones.

Besides helping you achieve a strong erection that won’t fizzle out while you and your partner are at it, these hormones also help regulate the pleasure sensations the body experiences so you won’t be coming sooner than you’d like to in the process.

This simply means that these mood-altering hormones are your system’s built-in sexual pleasure system that doesn’t just help you enjoy lovemaking as much as you can while also giving your partner a mind-blowing experience during the same. That is if everything is going smoothly like it’s supposed to.

Now here’s where lack of sleep gets into the picture…

If you’ve ever missed out on a few hours of snoozing, I’m sure you have already felt its usual effects like grogginess, difficulty concentrating as well as having a temporary bout of crabbiness. And what’s really interesting about the whole thing is these effects intensify the more hours of sleep you miss out on.

Remarkably, these effects are also caused by hormones. However, unlike the ones that get you ready for sex and enjoy it as much as you can, the effects you feel when you don’t get enough sleep are triggered by stress hormones or negative hormones.

Now while you can still make love with your partner even if you didn’t get enough shuteye, it will be very tricky to prep yourself up for the same. This means you’ll not just have a difficult time getting a strong erection, but it’s also going to be fairly tricky to stay hard as well as last long enough to pleasure your lover like she really wants.

I’m not saying that missing out on sleep is already bad for your sex life. However, doing it frequently is sure going to make your next lovemaking session go haywire.

(Now here’s an obvious sign that your lover wants to get frisky in the bedroom with you.)

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