What Happens To Your Sex Life When You Lack Enough Sleep

What Happens To Your Sex Life When You Lack Enough Sleep

So you’re not getting enough sleep these days…

Whether it’s because you’re catching up on the episodes of your favorite show that you’ve missed or perhaps trying to finally finish off that tricky boss in the video game you are playing these days, not getting the right amount of shuteye can have a significant effect in your sex life.

And it’s not something you’d want to experience as well. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

At its simplest, your ability to get ready for sex is basically the result of a hormonal reaction that is triggered the moment the brain detects that you and your lover are getting at it in the bedroom. It mainly fires up the endocrine system to let loose certain hormones that cause key changes in the body.

Besides making the skin extra sensitive, especially in and around the erogenous zones like the nipples, scrotum and inner thighs, these hormones also direct a more than usual amount of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to help you rise up to the occasion.

Moreover, these hormones also make sure that your erection won’t fizzle out all of a sudden in the middle of your lovemaking session so you’re really going to give your partner the sexual pleasure she wants. They also help regulate the pleasure signals you’re going to experience while at it to prevent them from overloading the brain and making you go off sooner than you’d like to during sex.

What’s really interesting is something negative happens to this hormonal reaction when you frequently lack sleep.

Now while missing out on sleep from time to time won’t have much of an effect to your system, chronic sleeplessness can disrupt the brain’s ability to function properly. Apart from making it quite tough for you to concentrate and rather predisposed to being crabby and tense most of the time, this also leads to problems stimulating the endocrine glands to produce and release hormones during sexual arousal.

This is because the neural messages the brain sends not just to the endocrine system, but also to the other parts of the body when it thinks things are already getting hot in bed, become sluggish and not as responsive as they ideally should be.

And when this happens, it’s either you’ll only have a weak erection that will disappear before you’ve even given your lover the slightest sexual pleasure or none at all.

So if you’re noticing that you’re just not getting the right amount of sleep these days (experts say it should be anywhere from six to eight hours), then make sure you fix it as soon as you can or else you’ll be very frustrated the next time you and your lover get in the mood for some action in bed.

And now here’s something that should be in your regular diet to help you become a better lover.

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