You Should Have This In Your Diet If You Want To Become A Better Lover

You Should Have This In Your Diet If You Want To Become A Better Lover

If you’re anything like most men, chances are giving your lover a mind-blowing sex session each and every time things get hot in the bedroom is on your list of priorities. And what a lot of guys mistakenly think, pulling it off isn’t that tricky at all.

Now while this may sound surprising, one simple way of becoming a better lover is adding a commonly overlooked food item in your regular diet. Interestingly, this food item is oatmeal. Sure you may think that this edible can be rather bland and boring, but you’re sure to load up more on it when you follow along…

For starters, giving your partner the sexual satisfaction she wants in bed significantly depends on your ability to get an erection going and keep it as strong as you can until you’ve really pleasured her. Achieving a strong erection is all about getting a sufficient amount of blood in the erectile tissues of the penis to firm it up.

Unless these tissues get the right amount of blood they need, it’s either you’ll only have a weak erection that won’t last for long or perhaps stay soft no matter how hard you try. And one of the biggest reasons why blood isn’t flowing properly to the places they’re supposed to during sexual arousal is the lack of fiber in the diet.

At its simplest, fiber is basically a nutritional component that does wonders not just in giving you a rich dose of antioxidants like avenanthramide to keep your body functioning up to par, but also in terms of lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body.

When bad cholesterol is left to surge in the system, it disrupts the normal flow of blood in the system, and promotes the formation of plaque particles that tend to accumulate along the linings of veins and arteries and lead to stroke, heart attack and cardiovascular risks in the long run.

And when normal blood flow is disrupted, there is a very big possibility that your erections will be weak and won’t be enough to satisfy your lover the next time you two get frisky in the bedroom. Just imagine how disappointing that would be for the both of you when you’re getting at it and you simply can’t rise up to the occasion.

And one of the richest natural sources of fiber that you can easily get your hands is oatmeal. Sure it may not be your idea of a tasty tidbit when you want a bite to eat, but it’s definitely good for you and your erections.

Now while I am not saying that you should only have oatmeal for breakfast for the rest of your life, I am just emphasizing that you have it regularly in your diet. Remarkably, you can even use it to add a new dimension of flavor to smoothies, stews and baked delicacies. How’s that for versatile?

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