Why It's Taking You Longer To Get Hard These Days

Why It’s Taking You Longer To Get Hard These Days

So you’re finding yourself taking longer than usual to get a strong erection these days…

Well, there’s no need to reach for creams and pills that claim to get you rock hard in no time. You’re just probably experiencing something that all men normally go through at some point in their lives.

And this is too much stress. I know this sounds rather odd right now, but experiencing a lot of stress frequently can have an effect on your ability to achieve a stable erection almost instantly during sexual arousal.

Let me explain what I mean…

When your brain detects that things are getting hot in the bedroom, it stimulates the endocrine glands to start producing and releasing mood-altering hormones that set off key changes in your body to prepare you for lovemaking. It happens so fast that you won’t even notice that it’s already taking place inside your system.

Besides picking up your heart rate and make you breathe faster than usual, these hormones also raise your blood pressure levels and direct more blood flow to the pelvic region where most of it goes to the erectile tissues in the penis to get an erection going.

And these mood-altering hormones also make sure that you’re going to stay hard until you reach orgasm. They sustain your erection up to the time you’ve experienced as much sexual pleasure as you can and eventually ejaculate.

However, something else happens when you experience a lot of stress…

Now while the brain still has the ability to stimulate the endocrine glands to churn out hormones when you go through very stressful moments, they won’t release the ones that help you prep up for sex and let loose their negative counterparts instead.

Although some of the effects of these stress hormones are a bit similar to the ones triggered by their positive counterparts, particularly the spike in breathing and heart rate, you will just end up feeling extremely jumpy and nervous when they’re released.

And this simply means that you’ll have a tough time getting an erection…

Sure there is still a possibility that you’ll get hard while at it, but chances are it won’t be as strong as usual and will fizzle out unexpectedly. Just imagine how disappointing that will be for you and your lover when this happens in the middle of your sex session.

So if you’re finding yourself going through a lot of stress lately, make it a point to take a well-deserved break or do something that will help you get rid of it from your system. I personally recommend sweating it out like going for a jog or taking your bike for a spin.

Or else strong erections will be quite tricky to come by.

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