Is She Taking A Long Time To Get Sexually Aroused?

Is She Taking A Long Time To Get Sexually Aroused?

So you’re noticing that your lover is taking longer than usual to prep up for sex when you are trying to make things hot in the bedroom these days…

Now while you’re already doing all that you can to fire her up for lovemaking, even your best techniques do not seem to hit their mark. However, there is no need to worry just yet. You are probably just making a simple mistake that can dampen her sexual mood.

And this mistake is stimulating the same erogenous zones again and again during foreplay. I know this sounds a bit crazy right now, but you’ll find out more as we go along.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I discovered that there are two very important factors that women need to get sexually aroused…

The first one is mental stimulation, in which the brain is excited to the point that it already promotes the endocrine glands to let loose mood-altering hormones that trigger changes in the body for lovemaking.

Besides sending sexy text messages to your partner’s mobile phone or email, you can also pull off mental stimulation by describing the things you will do to her when you are having a casual conversation, like the foreplay techniques you will use or the erogenous zones you’ll be focusing on the next time you get frisky in bed.

The second factor is physical stimulation. This involves actually touching, caressing, licking and kissing your lover. You are basically stimulating your lover’s body parts, usually the nipples, clitoris, inner thighs as well as the back of the ears and neck that are made extra sensitive when mood-altering hormones are released in the system by the endocrine glands.

However, I learned that simply concentrating on the same erogenous zones again and again just every time you and your lover are at it can easily make it tricky for her to get sexually aroused. Let me explain what I mean…

As it turns out, the brain has the tendency to become immune to certain sensations when it experiences them repeatedly.

Sure you may already be very familiar with the way your lover likes to have her nipples caressed or perhaps how her clitoris orally stimulated, but doing these things again and again significantly reduces the pleasurable sensations she experiences while at it.

Now while I am not saying that your partner won’t find these erogenous zones pleasurable anymore when they are stimulated, I am simply emphasizing they won’t be giving the same pleasure levels that they used to.

What’s even scarier is no matter how hard you try, they will still feel rather flat and dull to your lover in the long run. So how about making it a point to start mixing up your foreplay techniques to really fire up your lover for sex in no time?

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