How To Really Make A Connection With Your Date

How To Really Make A Connection With Your Date

August 20, 2014  |  Dating Advice, Success Principles

If you’re a guy reading this, you’d probably like to ace a first date when you’ve finally convinced a woman to go out with you. However, I came across a very interesting thing while checking out a psychology journal the other day that could easily ruin your chances of pulling off just that.

I discovered that besides being quite conscious of their date’s smell and appearance, women also look for another key attribute that a lot of men tend to overlook. And this is maintaining proper eye contact with the woman you’re out on a date with.

And this doesn’t mean simply staring at her for as long as you can the whole time. Let me explain what I mean…

According to a study published in Psychological Science, keeping eye contact plays a significant role when it comes to establishing an emotional connection with a woman during a social interaction, particularly a first date.

This is because not doing so can set off a hormonal reaction in your date’s body that can prevent her from completely trusting you, which easily breaks your chances of acing the whole thing no matter how hard you try. What’s really interesting is you can’t still get the job done even if you spent a very long time prepping up for your first date.

As it turns out, not maintaining proper eye contact with a woman during a first date stimulates her brain to send danger signals to her endocrine glands that make them churn out negative hormones like adrenaline and cortisol almost immediately.

Instead of making a woman feel relaxed, which plays a key role in making her trust you and establish an emotional connection with you, she will just end up feeling nervous, oversensitive and anxious during your first date. This is basically her body saying that she should leave as soon as possible since she could be in danger.

And this simply means she won’t be enjoying your date even if you’re doing all that you can to make her feel so.

Remarkably, I also found out that simply looking at a woman’s eyes the whole time isn’t going to guarantee that your first date is going to be a success.

The study also emphasizes that keeping eye contact for more than 20 seconds will already make your date feel that you are domineering and confrontational. Holding your gaze for about 7 to 10 seconds is the ideal length of time to give her the notion that you’re interested in what she has to say and start off building an emotional connection with your date.

Make it a point to blink naturally while you’re at it since forcing yourself to blink in long intervals will only make you look suspicious to the woman you’re out with on a date.

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