A Sexual Problem You're Going To Have If You Smoke Daily

A Sexual Problem You’re Going To Have If You Smoke Daily

During my extensive research into the male sexuality, I discovered that you could be at risk of erectile dysfunction if you’ve got the habit of lighting up a cigarette habitually. I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

At its simplest, getting rock hard on demand during sexual arousal is mainly the effect of a hormonal reaction that happens inside the body when the brain detects that things are getting hot in the bedroom. These hormones basically set off the key changes in the system to get a guy ready for lovemaking.

Besides making the skin extra sensitive to stimulation, especially the parts in and around the male erogenous zones, these hormones also spike up the blood pressure and heart rate. They boost the breathing rate while at it as well.

And perhaps the most significant effect they trigger is directing a more than usual amount of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up and keep it that way for sexual penetration. Unless these tissues don’t get the sufficient blood they need, it’s either you’ll end up with a weak erection or won’t get hard at all.

Of all these hormones that get pumped out by the endocrine system when you and your partner get frisky in bed, one stands out among the rest. This type of hormone is called testosterone, which is the principal sexual hormone found in men and plays a very important role in maintaining ideal sexual function.

This simply means that your chances of successfully getting ready for lovemaking, particularly achieving a stable erection, greatly depends on how much testosterone your body can produce. And here’s where smoking gets in the picture…

The British Journal of Urology International reports that cigarettes contain toxic compounds that prevent the endocrine system to produce the ideal amounts of testosterone when metabolized by the body. When these toxins pile up, they create a chain reaction that prevents you from rising up to the occasion during sexual arousal.

And unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, this negative effect of smoking doesn’t happen after years and years of smoking habitually. These toxic compounds can actually affect your erections little by little with every cigarette you light up.

Just to make things worse, nicotine is also pinpointed as one of the major causes of vasoconstriction, a health issue in which the blood vessels get constricted and prevent blood from flowing freely to where they’re supposed to, which makes getting strong erections even more difficult.

So if you’re looking to really pleasure your lover in the bedroom, keep in mind to kick the smoking habit (or never start) as soon as you can.

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