Add This To Your Diet If You Want To Pleasure Her More

Add This To Your Diet If You Want To Pleasure Her More

While dropping by my physician’s clinic the other day for a routine check-up, I discovered something that may just help you pleasure your lover more when things get hot in the bedroom. And you’ll excite your taste buds while at it as well.

Let me explain what I mean…

See, having a strong erection during lovemaking is a key factor when it comes to giving your partner the sexual satisfaction she wants. Chances are you won’t pleasure her properly if your ability to get rock hard on demand weakens.

And not being able to get a stable erection when you and your lover get frisky in bed has a significant effect on you as well. Besides making you feel very frustrated that you can’t rise up the occasion, you won’t also fully enjoy your lovemaking session no matter how hard you try.

If you’ve been following the AdviceForHim blog for a long time now, you probably came across the very important role of blood when it comes to getting a strong erection during sexual arousal.

A more than usual amount of blood basically flows to the erectile tissues in the penis to firm it up and keep it that way not just to make sexual penetration possible, but also ensure that you’ll successfully achieve orgasm while at it. Unless this happens, you’ll only either have a weak erection or perhaps none at all.

My physician shared that having problems with your blood flow is almost always the culprit when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Health issues like arterial disease and chronic high blood pressure prevent blood from flowing freely and reaching the erectile tissues in the penis, which lead to difficulties in getting hard in the bedroom.

He also adds that there is one tasty treat that can easily stave off problems in blood flow. You’re not just delighting your taste buds while you munch on it, but also make sure that you’re going to get rock hard on demand when things get hot in the bedroom.

And this treat is the watermelon for its very high levels of the amino acid called citrulline, which has a positive effect to the channels where blood flows through like veins, arteries as well as blood vessels.

When metabolized by the body, citrulline helps these channels relax and even get rid of plaque particles that can inhibit ideal blood flow and easily have a negative effect on your erections. The high water content of the watermelon also makes citrulline do its job more efficiently.

My physician even emphasized that watermelons are very versatile culinary-wise as well. You can use it to whet your appetite before a meal, a dessert to wrap one up or perhaps as an ingredient in smoothies and juices. He even shared that there are some countries that use the watermelon rind for salads and stir-fries.

So if you’re looking to pleasure your lover even more in bed, keep in mind to make watermelons a regular in your diet.

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